1st Way Life Center - 1st Way Life Center, Monticello, NY

1st Way
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A Gift From God...
Your Baby Is...
A Precious Treasure...
You Hold Within...
A Beautiful Baby...
Has Touched Your Heart...
And Grows To Be...
Your Legacy...
Love Your Baby.

The 1st Way Life Center

The 1st Way Life Center is a Women's Crisis Assistance & Abortion Alternatives Information Center
We are open Tues, Wed & Thurs
9am - 3pm
Call 845-796-5305
Walk-Ins are always welcome!
481 Broadway, Suite 3, Monticello NY
1st Way Life Center Monticello, NY
We Believe...
That every child conceived carries a very special message from God and that this message will never be repeated again.
1st Way Life Center Monticello, NY

The 1st Way Life Center

is founded to support and provide assistance for women or girls who find themselves pregnant and without said support and assistance. We also provide support and assistance to men and boys who find themselves unprepared for fatherhood. We provide abortion alternatives and counseling in a caring, compassionate, fostering environment.
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1st Way Life Center Monticello, NY
Bible Study -Tuesdays - 10-12noon with Lunch
AA Meeting - Thursdays & Saturdays - 6-7pm
Multi-Trauma PTSD Program
Please call 845-796-5305
NA Meeting - Tuesdays - 1-2:30pm
Imagine Church - Wednesdays - 6-8pm
Nations of the World Church - Sundays - 10:30am with Fellowship Brunch
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